The night sky is always magical!
The experience of seeing the galactic core with your naked eyes is so amazing.

In this image, the viewer can see many celestial objects, like the bright Jupiter on the left and the faint Saturn on the far left. On the right is the bright Antares on the colorful Rho Ophiuchi region, while in the middle the viewer can feel the awe in front of the enormous Galactic Core.

Normally (meaning before the global pandemic) at this time of year, the small town on the right would have a lot of residents and its lights would block a lot of the view to the night sky, but due to covid-19 travel restrictions, its nearly empty and thus we can enjoy the beauty of the night sky.

For this shot, I used my favorite astro lens, the Tokina Firin 20mm F/2 AF with my Nikon Z6 (via Techart TZE-01 adapter).
In front of the lens there was a Hoya Starscape (Light Pollution) Filter in order to enhance the saturation of the nebulocity in the core and in the Rho Ophiuchi region.
Lastly, a Slik ECH-630 Star Tracker was used to achieve sharp longer exposures.

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