The Milky Way Experience

An Astrophotography & Timelapse Workshop

By Christophe Anagnostopoulos

Have you ever seen the stars and the Milky Way Galaxy with your naked eyes?
Hiking along the forest path into the night, starring at the majestic night sky with awe?
The experience of being alone into the night, seeing our galaxy core is something trully amazing.

My name is Christophe Anagnostopoulos, and I’m an international award winning professional photographer/filmmaker, Global Ambassador of Tokina and Hoya, based in Antiparos Island, Greece.

As a kid I grew up in a big city, full of artificial lights that didn’t allow me to observe the Milky Way Galaxy.
As a photographer, I combined my passion for the night sky with photography, and I have since spent countless nights in remote locations, capturing the greatness of the cosmos.

If you want to feel the amazing experience of seeing Milky Way with your naked eyes, and also learn how to photograph the night sky, you can join me in my 3-Days Milky Way Experience Astrophotography Workshop!

Learn Astrophotography and Timelapse Photography

This dedicated workshop focuses mainly on the experience of seeing the Milky Way Galaxy Core as also on astrophotography.
It is intended for people who are interested in this photography genre and would like to learn how to produce great results from the start or to further extend their knowledge, no matter their level of experience.

As an instructor my goal is to learn you how to create amazing nightscape photos and videos while having the best possible experience out in the field!

Despite what many people think that the required tools to create these images are very expensive, I will learn you how to properly use even an entry level camera, either DSLR or mirrorless, to capture the beauty of the night sky!

Workshop Basic Information

Workshop Topics | What You Will Learn


You must be 18 years or older to participate. The price is including transportation during the workshop and testing of gear as noted in the workshop description. You are responsible for supplying your personal stuff for your needs. Participation requires acceptance of the terms written in my waiver & consent form you will receive by email after registration. Participants are required to print, sign, and send it back to me via email.


My goal is to teach you everything I know for this type of photography, without hiding any information.
I want you to learn my tips and achieve great results from the beginning, photographing the night sky and the stars above.
I always keep the class size at only six (6) people, as I want everyone to have a direct connection with me, discussing any possible question you might have.


Ideally, it is important if you have a basic knowledge of photography in theory and changing camera settings. Another aim of this workshop is to give you more confidence in the creative control of camera settings and shooting in manual mode. We will have a session at the first day of the workshop, where we will cover some basic camera settings and controls, to be sure everyone is up to speed.


Working without lights on a dark location into nature, can make you feel strange.
I want you to feel safe and secure, while having the best possible experience out on the field.
All shooting locations are carefully selected, minimizing risks while also being amazingly beautiful. 


The workshop will take place on Antiparos Island, a small but very beautiful island on Cyclades Greece. With the light pollution levels on the island close to zero, the viewer can enjoy the beauty of the night sky as far as the eye can see.
The workshop days are scheduled around the New Moon to ensure the darkest skies and the best possible conditions for astrophotography.


The Workshop Host is committed to fully comply with all health and safety requirements and instructions for the protection of the population as also the participants, for the prevention of transmission of the COVID-19 virus during the Workshop.

Please note that due to the restrictive measures for Covid-19, there might be slight changes on schedule or even dates, which we will inform you in time.


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