My Gear

This is the gear I’m currently using for all my photography and filmmaking work (both commercial and personal), and the information here is up-to-date.
Feel free to check my “Reviews” as for most of them, I have already wrote a fully detailed review containing technical data as also my personal opinion.
In case you have any questions, feel free to contact me directly and I will respond as soon as possible!

My current Fuji Run and Fun Setup

My current Fuji camera is capable of High Resolution Stills for Commercial Work (Wedding, Events, Landscape, etc) as also 10-Bit Internal 6.2k Open Gate up to 30p, internal 4k120p Video Capabilities for Filmmaking.
With the addition of my Atomos Ninja V external recorder, the Fujifilm X-H2s becomes a small cine camera providing amazing 12-bit RAW quality video that is transcoded from 14-bit!
What an amazing camera!

My current Sony Setup

My current Sony camera setup despite being old for today’s standards, still it is capable of High Resolution Photography Work and it is my go-to camera for landscape photography and astrophotography, as also 8k resolution Timelapses.
Accompanied with some really amazing glass for FE-Mount from Tokina, the results are stellar in terms of quality.

My current Nikon Pro Setup

My current Nikon camera setup is capable of High Resolution and Optimal Quality Commercial Work (Product, Real Estate, Architectural), 12-Bit Raw 4k Video Capabilities as also Run-and-Gun Filmmaking, and of course 8k resolution Timelapses.

Please note that FE Mount lenses are adapted to camera via Techart TZE-01 Adapter and F Mount lenses via Nikon FTZ Adapter.
I’ve been using both adapters for the last 3 years daily without any issues or loss in performance.

Astrophotography Tools

Landscape Photography Tools

Filmmaking Tools

Film Photography