Conjuction of Mars, Antares and Saturn

This image was captured back at May 2016, when I was filming for “Keep Looking Up“, my award winning timelapse project.

My goal was to make the old burned tree a perfect foreground for the rising Milky Way at the back. I always like to plan and be prepared before even leaving home so along with Google Earth and Stellarium, which are my main helping tools to “visualize” a scene, I used Photopills app on my tablet to finalize the details for this scene.

It was a cloudy night at the beggining but at the middle of the night a small breeze made the clouds move exactly at the time when the Milky Way Core started to rise creating a beautiful scene along with the Conjuction of Mars, Antares and Saturn at the right side !

I used a Sony A7s mkI camera with a Sigma 35mm f/1.4 Art lens. In front of the lens was attached a Hoya Red Enhancer filter (read my small review here) to eliminate light pollution coming from the nearby villages and to add more contrast and saturation to the scene. My exposure was 10 seconds at aperture f/1.4 and ISO 5000.

Wouldn’t be fantastic to be able to see this amazing sky from your home ?

Even for a single night, if we could all turn our home lights off, we would be amazed by the beauty of the night sky !

International Dark Sky Week (15-21/4) 2018