Kenko PRO1D+ Instant Action System Review

Kenko PRO1D+ Instant Action System Review Optical Material of this review were taken from the official Kenko Global website ( All other photos of this review were captured by Christophe Anagnostopoulos. May 31, 2021 -> Full Review was published. *** *** Intro I love simple but smart ideas that can make our life as photographers easier. As a photographer and filmmaker, I

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From a Thought, to a Photograph

From A Thought, to A Photograph May 26, 2021 -> Article was published. *** *** Intro The first thing I always say to the participants of my workshops is to always spend enough time in preparation. I strongly believe that in order to make a good photo, no matter the genre, you have to be prepared as best as you can. Preparation for

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Cokin NX-Series Filter Holder System – New Commercial Video

My latest commercial video, produced for COKIN Paris, presenting the brand new NX-Series Filter Holder System. The video was filmed solo using only one (1) lens, the magnificent Tokina opera 50mm F1.4 (except the drone shots obviously), and the location was the beautiful island of Antiparos, Greece. For more information about the new system, please visit: If you are interested

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