London Photography Workshop | 5-7 April 2024

London Photography Workshop | 5-7 April 2024 📸 Over the course of three exhilarating days, participants had the opportunity to explore the diverse city of London, with its iconic landmarks and its hidden treasures between the small alleys and side streets. 🏛️Our group embarked on a journey that took us from the vibrant hues of Notting Hill

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London Panorama

LONDON PANORAMA - THE VIEW FROM THE SHARD Dive into the futuristic urban landscape of London with this mesmerizing, almost aerial shot captured from the 68th floor of the Shard! With its sleek skyscrapers and bustling streets, the city takes on a Blade Runner-esque vibe, exuding an electrifying energy that's impossible to ignore. This stunning snapshot offers just a glimpse of

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Exploring London

Exploring London Exploring the hidden gems of London's streets never fails to inspire! Whether it's the intricate architecture or the play of light and shadow, every corner holds a unique story waiting to be captured. Join me in the upcoming Photography Workshop in London (5-7 April 2024) to explore and capture the vibe of the city. *Only two (2) seats left* For

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A 5-days Landscape Photography Workshop in Epirus

🌌✨A 5-days Landscape Photography Workshop in Epirus ✨🏞️ Five days (February 7-11 2024) filled with breathtaking landscapes and celestial marvels have come to an end, marking the conclusion of an unforgettable one-on-one landscape photography and astrophotography workshop in the picturesque villages of Zagori and Metsovo, the serene Aoos Lake and in some well hidden locations of the area. Along with João, we

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Capturing Memories, Mastering Techniques

Embark on a Journey of Capturing Beauty and Unveiling Techniques: Introducing Our New Travel Photography & Experience Workshops Greetings, Photography Enthusiasts and Adventurous Spirits, I am delighted to share thrilling news with you all! Our esteemed photography workshops are taking a transformative turn as we introduce the all-new Travel Photography & Experience Workshops—an immersive blend of capturing stunning moments and mastering the essential

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Zagori Photography Workshop – January 2024

Zagori Workshop - January 2024 ⛰️An unforgettable photography workshop in the enchanting landscapes of Zagori has just ended! During the day the perfect weather allowed us to capture the stunning beauty of this region with its picturesque landscapes and charming villages, the imposing mountains and the old stone bridges. At night the clear sky revealed its unique beauty. Despite the cold, with the

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Landscape & Astro Photography Workshop – November 2023

Another Landscape Photography and Astrophotography Workshop in Tzoumerka, Greece has ended! The weather conditions were ideal for landscape photography, while on the 2nd night of the workshop the clouds retreated and we captured the starry sky,  the Milky Way galaxy while setting, the Orion Nebula and the very bright Jupiter. During the Workshop, which was supported by Tokina Global and HOYA Global, we also

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Landscape & Astro Photography Workshop – April 2023

The Landscape Photography and Astrophotography Workshop (April 21-23, 2023) in Tzoumerka, Greece has ended! Along with Thomas, Kostas, Panos, Nikos, Dimitris and Giannis we captured some really great shots of an amazingly beautiful location, both day and night! The weather was ideal not only for landscape photography, but for astrophotography as well! Except the majestic Milky Way Galaxy Core, we also had the chance

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May 2020 Workshop is Cancelled!

Workshop Status After the latest update from the Ministry of Health, as also the updated restrictions and the ongoing curfew from the authorities, Astrophotography and Timelapse Workshop of May 2020 (22-24/5) is cancelled due to Covid19 virus. Summer Workshops (June, July and August) are not yet cancelled, but depending on the Covid19 status, there will be another informing post about them. Feel free to

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