Project Description

F O R E S T   O F   T R A N Q U I L I T Y

A short non-narrative experimental documentary film, presenting the beauty and simplicity of nature while capturing moments of tranquility inside the forests of Epirus, Greece.
Also the documentary raises awareness so that this beautiful image of nature can be preserved in the future by protecting the environment.

Director Statement

Forest of Tranquility is my 2nd personal (experimental) documentary project, after the award winning timelapse documentary film “Keep Looking Up”.

Although I grew up in a big city full of concrete, and I currently live on a very small island in the heart of the Aegean sea, my heart belongs to the mountains, inside the forests.

It is the place where I feel calm, becoming one with nature as I’m hearing the sound of leaves that are dancing with the air and feeling the energy of earth.

My goal for this short film was to present how beautiful are the simple things that all of us have forgotten in our everyday lives, while capturing the sensation of tranquility that I feel when I’m inside the forest.

However, my desire is if possible to raise some awareness so that this beautiful image of nature can be preserved in the future.

We are one with nature and we must protect the environment.

Personal Thoughts

I owe my love for the mountains to my wife and soul mate Catherine, as she was the one 17 years ago that showed me a different perspective of the forest and how beautiful nature is.

Thank you my love! You are a truly unique and gifted person! Without you nothing would be possible! Thank you!!

I also want to thank my good friend and great musician Colby, better known as Dreamstate Logic, that once again, after our first collaboration on Keep Looking Up, managed to create the perfect music for my film, by only seeing a couple of early unedited clips. Thank you my friend!

Lastly, I want to thank Tokina, Hoya, Cokin and Slik for their support to create this short experimental documentary film.



Nikon Z6, Tokina 24-70mm, Hoya Circular Polarizer, Timelapse+ View, Cinetics Lynx 3-axis system, Slik ProCF834

Nikon D850, Tokina Opera 50mm F/1.4, Cokin Clearsky Filter, Timelapse+ View, Cinetics Lynx 3-axis system, Slik ProCF833

Tokina Opera 50mm F/1.4

Tokina Firin 20mm F/2 AF

Tokina Firin 100mm F/2.8 FE Macro

Tokina Opera 16-28mm F/2.8

Tokina ATX-Pro 17-35mm F/4

Tokina ATX-Pro 24-70mm F/2.8

Slik Pro CF 834

Slik Pro CF 833

Nikon D850, Tokina Opera 50mm, Cokin Clearsky, Cinetics Lynx 3-axis, Timelapse+ View

Nikon Z6, Tokina Opera 16-28mm, Cinetics Lynx 3-axis

Cokin Nuances Extreme ND8

Rode VideoMicro