HOYA STARSCAPE Light Pollution Cut Filter Review *The Review was updated in 2020-10-19 with new data and photos/videos.* *** ***     Intro For some photographers, filters are not required for astrophotography or night photography in general. In general someone can say that this partially true, with the exception of Light Pollution Filters. Light pollution filters were well known for astronomers and deep

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The Calmness of the Island and the Space Traveller

The Calmness of the Island and the Space Traveller Antiparos island, Aegean Sea, Greece July 12th, Dawn Description: Comet C/2020 F3 Neowise continues to brighten the early morning sky and forces us to get up early once again in order to capture its beauty. Story: Living on such a small island it was a dream that came true for me three years ago. The

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#TeamTokina #ShootAtHome Challenge

Covid-19 disease has caused a lot of problems around the world. However staying at home doesn’t mean we cannot be creative. Tokina invited me to participate at #Shootathome challenge. The goal was to create a small project with things that are available in home. In terms of gear I used the Tokina Firin 100mm* F2.8 FE macro lens with a Hoya ProND32 filter. [*You

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