Tokina SZ Super Tele Finder Lens Review

Tokina SZ Super Tele Finder Lens Review All photos of this review were captured by Christophe Anagnostopoulos. February 7, 2022 -> Full Review was published. *** *** Intro Tokina launched the SZ Product line in August 2020 with 400mm F8 Reflex lens being the first product, and since then it continuously increased the line-up of products, not only with new lenses like

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Garmin Instinct Solar Photography Review

Garmin Instinct Solar Photography Review All photos of this review were captured by Christophe Anagnostopoulos. January 27, 2022 -> Review was published. May 9, 2024 -> Critical update, please read corresponding section. Intro I find very interesting how some products that are not directly photographic, can be great tools out in the field for a photographer, and I don’t necessarily speak just

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Lafuma Access 40 Review

Lafuma Access 40L Review *May 21, 2021 -> Review is published. All  photos of this review were captured by Christophe Anagnostopoulos. *** *** Intro In the last few months I have been making some changes in my photography gear in order to suit my needs better, as I am currently working on some new stuff (more info on another post, hopefully soon).

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HOYA STARSCAPE Light Pollution Cut Filter Review *The Review was updated in 2020-10-19 with new data and photos/videos.* *** ***     Intro For some photographers, filters are not required for astrophotography or night photography in general. In general someone can say that this partially true, with the exception of Light Pollution Filters. Light pollution filters were well known for astronomers and deep

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Forest of Tranquility

- Best Editing Award Chhatrapati Shivaji International Film Festival - Official Selection Independent Shorts Awards - Official Selection Indie Short Fest - Official Selection Atlanta Docufest - Official Selection Five Continents Int. Film Festival - Official Selection Rome Independent Prisma Awards - Official Selection No Words Int. Film Festival A short non-narrative experimental documentary film, capturing the serene atmosphere inside the forests of Epirus,

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Honorable Mention in Monochrome Photography Awards

My Project "Shadows of Opera" received an Honourable Mention in Professional Fine Art Category of Monochrome Photography Awards 2019. Shadows of Opera Project was exhibited in Photokina 2018 (Cologne, Germany) in Kenko Tokina Booth for the release of the Tokina Opera 50mm F/1.4 lens. It was also exhibited in Salon de la Photo 2018 (Paris, France) in Cokin Booth.  

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New Project “Forest of Tranquility” Teaser Trailer

A very short teaser of my upcoming documentary film project "Forest of Tranquility". The last two years, after the release of Keep Looking Up, my commercial work didn't allow me to find enough spare time to create personal projects. However, some months ago, I envisioned the idea of this project and I began working with it, creating scenes on paper and making some preparations

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