Reflection At Dawn

Early morning light is magical.. Especially in the winter..

It touches the landscape softly as the sun rises and lightens the darkness of the night sky..

The colors are more vibrant and warm, and the scenery in front of your eyes looks different…

It was a cold November morning, when I visited this beautiful small lake to capture a reflection as the Sun was rising behind the mountain.

Some small clouds hide the Sun for some moments and it was simply magical, because the light rays of the Sun found the way to illuminate the sky.

For this photo I used the Tokina Firin 20mm MF F/2 lens with a Hoya Grad ND10 filter attached.  The camera was a Sony A7R mkII.

This wide angle lens has amazing image quality, it is relatively small and lightweight and won’t tire you when attached on a Sony Alpha camera. It is very bright, with a constant aperture of f/2, so you can easily use it for nightscapes as well. Also it has minimum to zero levels of chromatic aberation and low coma. A fantastic choice for Sony FE mount users !