Are you feeling tired from everyday life in the big city, and also feel “disconnected” from nature?
Have you missed spending time outdoors, watching the first light rays of our Sun touching softly the beautiful scenery in front of your eyes?
The Experience of being out in nature, creating beautiful photos of the mountains and the forests is truly amazing!

My name is Christophe Anagnostopoulos, and I’m an international award winning professional photographer/filmmaker, Global Ambassador of Tokina and Hoya, based in Greece.

If you want to feel these amazing experiences, spending some time in nature while also learning how to control the available natural light, you can join me in my 4-Days Mountains Experience Landscape Photography Workshop!

Once you’ve registered, you will receive the full workshop schedule along a list of free applications to familiarize as we will use them during the workshop.

I want to mention that this is YOUR workshop.
For me its about your experience, so I guarantee you’ll have my undivided attention during the workshop and especially out in the field when photographing.
My goal is to make sure that every participant when the workshop is over, will have acquired the knowledge and skills needed to create further more images on his own.

Payments are accepted via Paypal or Direct Bank Transfer. If you prefer another way of payment or simply have any questions and want more information, feel free to contact me at :

You can find more details about the workshop here ->