Why Less is Actually More (in Photography)

Why Less is Actually More (in Photography) *** *** Intro Saying "Less is More" is common and probably there are already tons of dedicated posts out there, which are probably written better. However, I would give it a try, analyzing and explaining my thoughts about how having less, is actually way more for your photography. Please note that everything mentioned on this post

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From a Thought, to a Photograph

From A Thought, to A Photograph May 26, 2021 -> Article was published. *** *** Intro The first thing I always say to the participants of my workshops is to always spend enough time in preparation. I strongly believe that in order to make a good photo, no matter the genre, you have to be prepared as best as you can. Preparation for

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What Type of Photographer are you?

Feel free to participate on the following polls (100% anonymously, no personal information is recorded, only your votes). My goal with these polls is to understand your photography style and needs better, and then through these upcoming posts I've mentioned before, I will hopefully try to help you more in your photography work. Thank you! Photography Related

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Free NPF Calculator!

During my astrophotography workshops, I get asked many times about the proper exposure time. How to find the "perfect" exposure for the lens used, to capture pin point stars, without trailing. So I decided to make a very simple excel file in order to help you find the proper exposure based on your camera and your lens. It's absolutely free to download it. Feel

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