A behind the scenes photo from the 2nd Astrophotography & Timelapse Workshop,
July 2018, Antiparos Island, Greece.

During the 1st night of photo shooting, we tested the Cinetics Lynx 3-axis motion control system with the Timelapse+ View controller to capture a dynamic sequence of the rising Milky Way Core !
The behind the scenes photo was taken with the new Tokina Firin 20mm F/2 AF on a Sony A5100.

The next workshop on the island will be at August 10-12 and it will be special as we will have the chance to see and capture the Perseids meteor shower !
During the Workshop, every participant is able to test and use various Tokina Lenses for Nikon and Sony mount, the Hoya Red Enhancer (Light Pollution) filter and Vixen Polarie Star Trackers !

Also, every participant will receive a special 15% discount code for the Timelapse+ View Controller, and special prices on various equipment that may be needed !
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