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A Speck of Light in the Night Sky

A Speck of Light in the Night Sky

Last weekend I was visiting a favorite place of mine in the mountains of Epirus and while I hadn’t planned from before to film that night, when I saw the clear sky full of stars I immidiately grabbed my camera and drove to a vantage point just in time to catch the Milky Way passing above the faraway mountain.

It was also the perfect opportunity to test my new wide angle lens, the Tokina Firin 20mm f/2.

I also used the Hoya Red Enhancer filter to eliminate the light pollution coming from the town of Arta in the right corner of the frame, and the filter did a great job, retaining the darkness of the night sky.

And for this night, the heavens held me a surprise, catching just three frames before the end of my timelapse, a bright meteor getting straight down in the middle of the frame !

Sony A7rII – Tokina Firin 20mm @ f/2 – ISO 4000 – 10sec Exposure – Hoya Red Enhancer Filter