Conjuction of Mars, Antares and Saturn

Conjuction of Mars, Antares and Saturn This image was captured back at May 2016, when I was filming for "Keep Looking Up", my award winning timelapse project. My goal was to make the old burned tree a perfect foreground for the rising Milky Way at the back. I always like to plan and be prepared before even leaving home so along with Google Earth

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Keep Looking Up   - Winner Best Experimental/Travel/Timelapse Short Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards - Winner Best Nature/Travel European Cinematography Awards - Winner Best Documentary Pickurflick Indie Festival - Award of Recognition Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival - Official Selection Holywood International Independent Documentary Awards - Official Selection Oniros Film Awards - Official Selection Cefalu Film Festival Keep Looking Up is my first personal night

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Hoya RA54 Review

HOYA Ra54 Red Enhancer (Intensifier) filter For some photographers, filters are not required for astrophotography or night photography in general. This is in general partially true, but with the exception of Light Pollution Filters. Light pollution filters were well known for astronomers and deep sky astrophotographers for quite some time now. Night sky enthusiasts started using them back in the 80s when they realised

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